Spin Rewriter 8.0 Review: Honest Review, huge discount with special bonuses

Writing is hard work. It can take hours (or more!) to write a good piece of content. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to turn that article into a hundred articles with little extra effort? There is  it’s called content spinning. And it’s gross.

Author’s note: this Spin Rewriter 8.0 Review begins with a rant and ends with a trick. If you’re looking for practical marketing advice, scroll past the “spun content is web spam” part.

What is Content Spinning?

Content spinning is all about using a robot (software) to rewrite your article enough that another robot (Google) will think it’s a different article. It does this hundreds of times within minutes. The “new” content can be submitted to hundreds of blogs, usually with an SEO benefit in mind.

This automatic “rewriting” really just replaces words and phrases with synonyms and sometimes changes sentence structure. Let’s give a sentence a spin:

Ridiculous, right? It can even be done using Google Translate. Just translate the article into German and then back to English a few times. Danke shoen for the new article, Google!

A content spinner is software that rewrites content to make it reusable as new content. In theory, at least, content spinning makes it possible for users to republish other people's content without concern about copyright issues or SEO (search engine optimization) devaluation for duplicate content.

Here's an Pop Under Pro Review example of content spinning. The following text was input to an application called Best Free Spinner:

"A content farm, also called a content mill, is a Web site whose content is written for search engine bots instead of human readers. Topics on a content farm are chosen specifically for their ability to rank highly in search engine results."

The spun text:

"A new content farmville farm, also called a content work, is usually a website whoever content is usually created intended for search results robots instead of individual audience. Topics using a content farmville farm are picked designed for their own capacity to get ranking highly throughout search results."

Such prose is becoming all too common as content producers seek the easiest way to get huge numbers of articles online, often for content farms or autoblogs. The fact that the spun text makes little sense may not be of much concern to the users, since the goal is simply to provide keyword-laden articles, rank highly on search engine results pages and reap rewards through advertising. 

Confessions of a Content Spinner

I’m actually friends with a former content spinner, who explains how it was used as a “black hat” SEO technique:

“At some point in Expert Content Videos Review spinning had become a standard, all competitors across every niche we targeted could be found producing some type of spun content.  Manual, automatic, through networks (which did the spinning and distribution) or by downloading spinning software and uploading articles to various directories. Who can produce the cheapest content became the name of the SEO game.”

Spun Content is Web Spam

Content spinning is bad for all kinds of reasons…

·         It doesn’t work. Google has famously cracked down on spun content in blog networks. Many of those sites have been blacklisted and rightfully so. Low-quality, duplicate content was penalized by Google’s “Penguin Update.”

·         It’s not future-proof. Even before the launch of Google+, there were rumors that Google was using social media activity as a ranking factor. Now with +1’s and personalized search results, social signals are well known to affect rankings. Spun content rarely sees any social shares, likes, or comments.

·         It’s awful writing. Putting an article through the spin cycle is the fastest way to ruin a good post.

All of this is bad news for content spinners. It’s time to retire the robotic rewrite and get real.

Reimagined Content is Good Marketing

Spinning is bad, but resourcefulness is good. If you know how to spin content by rewriting it from a different angle or in a different format, it’s actually a really good idea.

Republish in a Different Format

Think back to your most successful piece of content. Now think of all the other ways you could deliver this message. Would it work well as a video? As an infographic? As a longer whitepaper or guide? As a more detailed series of shorter posts?

Use the Periodic Table of Content as a guide for repurposing past content.

Reverse Angle Guest Post: Research Once, Write Twice

Although your audience already read your advice on a topic, there are other blogs with other audiences that haven’t heard this point of view. And the research you put into the first piece doesn’t have to be repeated.

You have an opportunity to rewrite it for another audience from a different point of view. Here what happens when you hold up that topic to the mirror:

·         How to do something → How not to do something

·         Best practices for doing stuff → Common mistakes when doing stuff

·         5 questions to ask before buying things → 5 ways you know you bought the wrong thing

See how each is a similar article but from a different perspective? You could probably write the second post quickly. It might be too closely related to the original to publish it on your site, but it might make a great guest post.

Tip: Don’t just rewrite the same post with a new perspective. Add something new that the original didn’t include: new research, new ideas, or new perspective.

The guest post can link to the original, which will help it rank in search engines. And both posts can take full advantage of Google Authorship, which is the “digital signature” that will make your picture appear in search results when either post ranks.

Here are some examples of blog posts / reverse angle guest posts we’ve written:

·         Website Navigation Best Practices (original post)

·         Website Navigation Mistakes (guest post)

·         Email Marketing Secrets (original post)

·         Email Marketing Mistakes (guest post)

Dizzy Yet?

Now you know how to spin content, in good ways and bad. What do you think of article spinning? Am I recommending something unethical? Are there any redeeming qualities in automatically rewritten content?



Commission Breakthrough Review: Honest Review, Huge Discount With Special Bonuses

Offshoot advertising is one of the different approaches to profit online by elevating items or sites to acquire a specific rate as commission from deals made. The deals are influenced by means of to web activity. This just infers cash is produced using offers of the item being advanced. What you have to know is Commission Breakthrough Review, and administrations or items you advance are given by others and not really you. The main obligation you are required to perform is to give a promoting or deals outlet. Thus, how about we figure out how to procure from partner promoting.

Partner advertising isn't a get-rich-brisk plan, so you ought not expect millions in a split second; this does not imply that individuals flop in profiting through online associate showcasing. On the off chance that you need to gain from subsidiary promoting, you have to see how it functions and whether it is really for you.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Wikipedia characterizes Affiliate Marketing as a showcasing practice where a business rewards at least one partners for every deal made by the subsidiary.

The real thing in this business is that you get compensated by advancing the item or administration of a business. For example, on the off chance that you agree to accept the associate program of Tips and Ticks HQ and advance its items, you get a specific rate which is your commission at whatever point you send any guest to the site and they make a buy.

Offshoot advertising can be said to be one of the least expensive and snappiest approaches to profit online since it includes no items production of any sort. All you have to do is FormGet Review to interface up a purchaser and merchant; once the deal is influenced, you to win your commission.

How to do Affiliate Marketing?

The primary activity is to join an offshoot program at that point select the items you expect to offer. The proprietors of the items would furnish you with an associate code you can use for alluding movement to the principle site. Likewise, you will be offered flags, content connections and a few types of imaginative duplicates in which you simply reorder the code alone site to allude movement. Any intrigued client who taps on the connections from your site will be diverted to the primary site where the item is sold and on the off chance that they pay for the item or subscribe to a program/benefit and show you as the referral, you get a specific rate as commission.

Your execution can be followed by merchants through your member ID and other offshoot programming utilized. You additionally have a constant access to all commission and deals details. Likewise, in making commission, you don't generally need to offer items in light of the fact that different associate projects utilize diverse terms of installment like Domainer Elite Pro Review

Pay Per Click (PPC) – You profit web based relying upon the quantity of guests diverted by you to the site of the Merchant from your own particular website, regardless of whether you make a deal or not.

Pay Per Sale (PPS) – The shipper pays you a specific level of the cost of offers made after a buy is finished.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) – Once a guest gives their contact data on the vendor website, you right away profit on the web.

associate advertising

For what reason would it be advisable for you to consider being an Affiliate Marketer?

This business is known to be the quickest developing and best advertising methods on the web. Enrolled beneath are few motivations to consider this to procure from partner showcasing:

•           Free of Cost: Affiliate advertising includes zero venture. Advertising any item online is moderately modest, so the business working is financially savvy since it was made by another person. Likewise, you don't have to procure anybody or have an office.

•           No client bolster: This clearly isn't important since you aren't the individual who made the items.

•           No transportation or capacity: This is absolutely not your migraine since it would be taken care of by the vender if necessary.

•           Passive pay: If you have an ordinary daytime work, you can keep winning a settled salary. Then again, you win from subsidiary showcasing consistently and notwithstanding when you are not online now and again.

•           Work serenely from your home: If you procure from member promoting routinely, you would have no compelling reason to go to work each day. You have the opportunity to work at home.

•           Global showcase: You can achieve many people the world over and acquire from partner promoting.

How to Make Money Online in India from Affiliate Marketing?

At this point, you ought to be persuaded that you can profit online from partner promoting as a latent wellspring of pay and should think about how to begin. In actuality, India is rising as the biggest advanced showcasing center point and is giving an extreme rivalry to the carefully created countries.

In any case, you ought to comprehend that you won't turn out to be right away rich by offering item. This kind of business is exceedingly focused on the grounds that there are numerous other individuals into it. Step by step instructions to profit online in India can be basically replied by following these hacks to pick up achievement in the field: through subsidiary advertising, you have to comprehend the market, know how items are advanced, and see how it works.

procure cash from offshoot promoting

7 Tips to Earn from Affiliate Marketing

Here are a couple of tips that can help you to profit web based utilizing offshoot promoting:


Most beginners in partner advertising tragically register with excessively numerous member projects and take a stab at advancing all that they see. In the event that this is the way you are treading, at that point it will overpower you and you won't advance the items appropriately. Set aside opportunity to comprehend the necessities in the market and look for items that will run well with your site's point.


Another misstep member advertisers make is that they run promotions just all alone locales. This is right however there are recently such a large number of different wellsprings of activity that you have the opportunity to use for advancement all in the meantime. The more the movement that your business page gets, the higher are your odds of profiting on the web.

Google AdWords is a decent approach to direct people to your business page. All you should do is run an advertisement in your AdWords account at that point utilize the related connection. You should quantify your transformations consistently to check whether the cost of the battle is not as much as its benefit to keep it running.


Utilizing a few systems for item advancement is a smart thought since it gives you the chance to know which of them works better. You can do part testing and measure each crusade's execution before making the suitable move. Changing several things would raise your benefit. Pennant promotions ought to be put on various zones on the pages of your site in light of the fact that there are some vital focuses that will get your peruser's consideration.

The essential insights of various member programs are appeared and you may require it for your crusade yet you can at present utilize a transformation following programming of your own too.

4. Discover how much the item is wanted

To profit from subsidiary showcasing, you have to learn that the item has a popularity. Regardless of how much endeavors you make, you may make next to zero deals, it absolutely relies upon the request of the item. You have to know whether it is the thing that your group of onlookers truly needs. On the off chance that you figure out how to get a sensible measure of activity on your webpage, at that point you can run a little online review to get contribution from guests.

5. You ought to be present with new procedures and techniques

This is vital due to the focused idea of associate promoting and to have the capacity to profit on the web. Day by day, new strategies and techniques are created; you wouldn't have any desire to be abandoned while new patterns assume control.

6. Search for and select the correct vendor

While advancing an item, you are likewise advancing the individual or association that claims the item. This ought to be the primary thing to know before choosing the item you are advancing. You most likely don't need your customers to be despondent subsequent to obtaining the item. Believe me; they will never return to your site again to buy anything! This is on the grounds that you have scratched your believability. Typically, any organization or site with great client benefit will undoubtedly have cheerful clients.

7. Utilize the vital instruments

profit with subsidiary showcasing

To support your odds to gain from member showcasing, different destinations have different instruments to make your battle more proficient. There are a considerable measure of instruments which would be useful out there. For instance, in the event that you utilize a WordPress site, at that point you should consider getting a module that resembles the Affiliate Link Manager. Online cash making is facilitated with the use of right instruments.


When you begin a business, you would need to ensure it endures long. To keep your business thriving, you have to do a considerable measure of things. To profit online from partner checking should be strategized to proceed with the income. On the off chance that you need to your business to rise, consider the accompanying:

1. Study and gain from other individuals in the business

This is the most straightforward approach to pick up encounter since you get presented to different associates. You can meet individuals by joining a talk discussion or an online group. The good thing is that they are allowed to join and you get a word of wisdom there. Cases of such online groups are ABestWeb, Digital Point, and Warrior Forum. Aside from getting guidance from more experienced partners, you find the opportunity to connect with different advertisers.

2. Make and manufacture connections

There is such a great amount of work in partner advertising, hence, you should be persistent before profiting on the web. Movement is headed to the site of the advertiser through subsidiary promoting programs yet as the advertiser you have the duty of making and keeping up associations with accomplices.

3. Get the focused on activity


It is one thing to motivate individuals to visit your sit




Mini Site Builder Review: Honest Review, Huge Discount With Special Bonuses

Just how many times perhaps you have considered (or even began) creating a topic site with dreams of earning thousands in unaggressive income every month?

If you're like the majority of people trying to produce a living on the internet, the idea has probably crossed your brain at least one time, if not a large number of times.

For me personally, this Mini Site Builder Review of the area of interest website is one of the very most attractive anomalies on the internet.  It's one of the hardest, yet stupidly easy actions you can take online.

The steps to creating a successful area of interest site that pulls in at least $500 per month are extremely self-explanatory, yet most people come at it from an perspective of looking to game the machine - they've lost before they even come to the starting collection.

Sure, there are people out there who make thousands of us dollars off crappy sites and products - but almost all of them involve some serious specialized, spam, and SEO skills that let's face it, we don't possess.

So we've gotta produce an improved way, you understand, the one that actually helps people.

Niche Site Training video Tutorial:

Dig this video tutorial? See more lifestyle business videos on List Building Formula PLR Review

Niche market Website Quick Start

This is actually the longest post I've written in a yr.  I get into detail in what to do and just why to do it.  Don't possess time for that?  Here's the 14 step, quick start, Cliff's Records version of my technique for building a niche market site. When you have questions about something, then leave being sluggish and browse the remaining article.

Still have questions? Leave a comment.

Step #1: Create as much niche ideas since you can, using your pursuits as a starting place.

Step #2: Filter down niche predicated on the following standards:

-           Wide selection of products you can review and discuss

-           Higher price, lower volume

-           Are there affiliate programs with good commissions?

-           Are people presently making money?

-           Could you write 100 articles on this issue?

Step #3: Setup your site by using this tutorial

Step #4: Start creating content.  Here is a good outline to truly get you going:

-           Write 5 articles researching 5 of the very most popular items in your niche

-           Write 3 comprehensive training on your market (How exactly to _______)

-           Write 3 list posts

-           Repeat

Step #5: Join affiliate programs associated with your brand-new site and content

Step #6: Do key word research to find 5-10 of the greatest key conditions/products to rank for

Step #7: Install Yoast SEO for WordPress and do on site SEO for many posts and webpages. Also review "The Bootstrapper's Guide to SEO LINK CONSTRUCTING" A few of this edges on the spammy world, but choose what you prefer.  I used many of these general ideas when I acquired choosing my first topic site.

Step #8: Build a set of friends and co-workers to email and inform about your brand-new site

Step #9: Installation social marketing for the website: Facebook, Tweets, and Pinterest

Step #10: Join HARO

Step #11: Make a set of all large websites and syndicated magazines you'd desire to be featured on

Step #12: Start calling previously listed sites and websites offering visitor posts or storyline ideas (here's how to do it) 

Step #13: Create a superior quality pdf or email series to acquire email addresses. Increase site.

Step #14: Do it again Steps 4 and 12, while carrying on to build your sociable media stations and links for SEO.

There you own it, 14 steps to a distinct segment website that can make you at least $500/month.  Want to really learn how to get this done? Then continue reading.

My First Topic Site

Fine in this for the long term? Cool, pick up some espresso or a ale and let's progress with this. About 2 yrs ago a pal of mine and I started out a distinct segment site called Chronic Stress Management Review

For anybody who have no idea HDR (High Active Range) picture taking is an activity where you take 3 variants of the very same photograph where the first is over-exposed, the first is under-exposed, and the first is considered at normal vulnerability. The program then gives you to incorporate these images to have one flawlessly revealed image.

Here's a good example:

This image of the Diamante course in Cabo is a superb exemplory case of HDR I've applied to photography site

I'd already experienced a site established for this process, so that it was an all natural fit to bounce into the forex market. For the first yr we did hardly any paid SEO, composed our own content, and really didn't spend that enough time focusing on it.

Within six months the website was making over $1k per month.

At it's maximum it was making nearer to $3k/month. Things were great. We provided neutral reviews of software, along with techniques for HDR success, and were making good profit the process.

That's whenever we started making errors.

We chosen out two different SEO companies to do some link constructing for all of us - thinking them when they said it was all palm built, non-spammy links. Per month into dealing with both of these, we couldn't imagine that which you were seeing whenever we viewed our link information - only spam.

We canceled the accounts immediately - however the harm was done. A couple of months later the Yahoo Penguin algorithm revise occurred, and our traffic lowered by about 75% instantaneously. The website still earns about $1k/month and I've experienced a restored goal to getting it back again to it's previous glory.





Quotamator Review: AUTOMATED Traffic-Getting Software Sends You BUYERS On Demand 100% FREE

one of the most common submit kinds you see whilst searching through social media pages - particularly whilst searching through small commercial enterprise pages and those beginning out in social - is inspirational quote posts. you notice them all the time, posts like this Quotamator review on facebook:

#aha#idea what changed into your second whilst you found out you just did some thing you thought you could not? 

Or this on Instagram:

the usage of quote posts is somewhat divisive - a few people say they may be traumatic and shouldn't be used, others spotlight them as a key tactic to enhance engagement. wherever you stand on the usage of quote posts, the only element you can't deny is that this: for a variety of manufacturers and people, they paintings.

searching at the examples above, inside the first, this was posted with the aid of 'Yogi times' , a fb page with 315k likes. it is a large target audience, for sure, but then again, that submit has individually garnered almost 2k likes and 311 shares. Given the organic attain declines at facebook, the ones type of numbers are solid, even considering they're starting from a larger fan base than most.

inside the 2nd instance, posted through social media identification Kim Garst, that Vector Ninja overview publish has received 302 likes.

maximum brands would love to be since stage of engagement, and given their proliferation across the social sphere, you can see why increasingly page proprietors are leaning closer to posting inspirational fees to generate response.

So need to you operate Them?

it's a tough query to answer. while used well, quote posts can generate a heap of engagement - social media marketing consultant Sandi Krakowski frequently posts inspirational costs that generate thousands of Likes and feedback on her facebook page.

the only with the most hope has the most influence. Shine brightly these days! positive, a few gnarly human beings will get gnarlier but the general public will do their high-quality to shine again.

Even guy Kawasaki, one of the maximum reputable voices in social media, posts rates (although his association with Canva isn't any doubt a contributor to this).

post Planner's Aaron Lee, a social media influencer in his personal proper, is a big recommend for quote posts. His view as that charges are universally appealing, which widens the scope of your content.

"prices work properly because in preferred, human beings can easily relate to them, due to that, they get liked and shared without difficulty compared to more targeted content."

So, with such a lot of industry leaders advocating using costs, there's manifestly some thing to them, right? virtually quote posts do generate plenty of engagement - a search on BuzzSumo for 'inspirational prices' indicates that inspirational submit content material is producing a heap of shares, in particular on Pinterest.

If Pinterest is a part of your advertising strategy, then, it stands to purpose that you must, virtually, be considering inspirational quote posts - however then there may be additionally the opposite facet of the argument. Inspirational quote posts, when performed wrong, can just be demanding.

Deep mind?

as with all things social media, the content you put up need to be driven by means of your objective. One factor that you want to maintain in mind is that even supposing humans 'Like' one among your inspirational quote posts, that does not always mean they're clicking through to see what your brand has on provide. The question is, are you boosting brand engagement through this form of content, or are you ramping up conceitedness metrics, like Likes, with no further route for your aim.

Now, manifestly, humans have extraordinary objectives on this regard - social media influencers like the ones noted above exchange on being able to generate engagement, and constructing their non-public engagement numbers and followings is the call of the game for them. in this Video Vacuum System PLR Review, it likely less of a big deal to them if they are only getting engagement with that individual piece of content material - they're no longer necessarily riding their target market in the direction of conversion inside the identical manner a business is. however on the identical time, they're building and retaining personal emblem awareness - and that is a key attention, especially within the contemporary fb panorama.

for example, shall we say you put up an inspirational quote on facebook and it generates 30 likes, 10 of which might be from folks that aren't enthusiasts of your page. That then will increase the probability of your next put up being shown to those 10 new people - even though they only engaged together with your quote publish because they appreciated that man or woman piece, and don't have any interest to your commercial enterprise services, fb's algorithm will take their Like as a hallmark of hobby on your content, which then boosts your chances of achieving those humans with future posts. on this sense, posting fees to fb is possibly an excellent circulate - but then it also comes all the way down to the overall quality of your web page and your subsequent fabric. winning attention is one issue, but preserving it is any other totally - but both way you look at it, posting inspirational rates, whilst finished properly, can be a wonderful circulate.

however on the other hand, if you put up a quote consistent with day, and people posts don't resonate, that can also downgrade you in priority and lose you attain - a disastrous result. So what do you do?

On factor

the important thing component with quote posts is to make certain they have got a strategy in the back of them. don't simply publish the quotes you like, put up the quotes that help the undertaking and motive of your logo. in this way, you're now not simply sharing random mind, you are developing the ethos of your emblem through this sort of content. the primary factor in this procedure, of course, is to know your emblem motive and the 'why' of what you offer, past just your services and products by myself. as soon as  that, you may are searching for out inspirational quotes that aid that task, and for that reason, you're the usage of inspirational costs in a extra centered and targeted manner, aligned on your overall emblem strategy.

three pointers for utilizing quote posts to best effect:

•           Use your very own images where feasible. I realize there are time and technical constraints worried, however you have to always appearance to apply your own, original photos any time you put up any visual content material. adding your personal image to a quote post will make it an awful lot stronger, and lots greater in-line with your brand. you may use a device like Canva for this - Canva makes it clean to prepare pictures with text overlays for this genuine reason. You need to additionally are seeking to maintain a thematic or stylistic consistency in your posts, so you're underlining your emblem with every - eventually, human beings will get to understand your style and partner that with your logo, even if it is no longer explicitly stated at the submit. that is in particular applicable while searching at your wider social media presence as whole, especially with regard to Pinterest or Instagram.

•           are trying to find out the fine charges which assist your logo mission. Posting charges approximately how lots you like espresso might be tempting (and in case you're a cafe or coffee logo, definitely logical) but the great manner to use quote posts is to ensure every one is aligned in your real logo reason and undertaking. on the way to discover brilliant quotes specific to your niche, you could use a device like submit Planner's content material discovery engine, which has a specific section on rates, or you could seek Pinterest and find the maximum famous content material. in the Pinterest search bar, type in 'Inspirational prices [your industry/offering]' and Pinterest will show you all the top inspirational quote posts associated with those terms. undergo, locate the maximum pinned costs, then use them (with right attribution), knowing that they have already resonated with an audience and are likely be famous.

•           do not move overboard. yes, you may publish 3 inspirational charges a day and hope the engagement tiers jump, but in all likelihood, you will simply annoy your followers - and get tuned out as a end result. remember the user revel in and what you like to peer from brands, and blend up your content to keep away from overwhelming people with an excessive amount of of the identical.


So should you use inspirational costs? The proof suggests they can be effective while used in a focused way to boost your brand. however they may be now not an quit unto themselves - if you need sustained engagement, you want to apply them in assist of your different super content, there may be no point getting people's interest handiest to underwhelm them with an average experience somewhere else for your pages. used in a measured, strategic way, quote posts can be a effective device, however, like all elements, they require strategic attention. constructed into your wider content material and advertising mix, they can deliver outstanding returns.





SociClicks Review: New Software Turns Social Media Into a Goldmine

Have you seen tweets where the image has a description on the bottom and clicking the image actually takes to a website?

They’re the ones that look like this SociClicks Review

Ever sat there scratching your head wondering how you can create one of these tweets yourself?

Trust me, you’re not alone.

People ask me how to do it all the time. So today I am laying out 2 ways in an easy to follow step-by-step process.

Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

Some WordPress social sharing plugin, like Social Warfare, will automatically create a tweet with a clickable image.

For instance, when you tweet using a sharing button from the plugin, you’ll get a Twitter card with a clickable image, a headline of the article, a brief description, and the website URL, like so:

These elements get set by fields in the WordPress plugin at the bottom of the page where you edit blog posts.


If your blog is set up on WordPress, this is a super easy way to create tweets with a clickable image.

But what if your blog isn’t built on WordPress? Or even if it is, what if you want to create other tweets with a clickable image? Then you can use a Twitter website card to make a custom tweet with a clickable image.

Twitter Website Cards

You can create a Twitter website card in the Twitter ad platform. It is necessary to enter a payment method to access the ad platform, but you don’t ever actually have to pay for an ad. You can create and tweet website cards without promoting them.

To access the ad platform, click on the small profile pic icon in the top right of Twitter and choose the Twitter Ads option:


Again, once in the ads manager, you need to enter a payment option. The next step is to create the Twitter Website Card.

Start by clicking the “Creatives” tab in the menu bar and then the “Cards” link in the drop down menu:

Next, click the “Create new card” button in the top right of the screen and choose “Website card” from the drop down menu:


This will take you to the page where you’ll create the website card. You set the image, link, and headline for the card here: https://goo.gl/5oSpSq


1.    This is where you’ll click to upload your image. If you leave the “Use 1.91:1 Image Aspect Ratio” box unchecked, your image should be sized at 800 pixels wide by 320 pixels high. If you check the box, the image should be sized at 800 pixels wide by 418 pixels high.

2.    Enter the URL (website address) of where you want people to land when they click on the tweet. In my example, obviously, I’m trying to get clicks to this blog post.

3.    Here’s where you enter the headline that will appear below your image.

Also, the top level of the domain you link to appears under the headline automatically.

Once you enter that information, scroll down, name the card, and click the “Create card” button:


Creating Tweets from a Website Card

At this point, the Twitter card is created and you can use it as many times as you like to post new tweets with the card. As soon as you click the “Create card” button a pop-up will appear and you can create your first tweet with this card from there.

Start by clicking the “Compose Tweet with this card” link:

This will bring up a box for you to compose your tweet. It starts with an URL to your card. DO NOT delete this URL – this is what makes the card image and description appear and will not show up when you send out the tweet.

Add in the copy of the tweet before the card URL:


Notice that even though the image is clickable, I still included a shortened link to the post in the copy of the tweet. A lot of Twitter users are accustomed to finding links in between the copy and the hashtag(s) (assuming there are any). I advise sticking with this format to get the most opportunities to drive traffic from this tweet.

Once you’re satisfied with your copy, click “Tweet” and you’re done!

You can also choose to schedule the tweet for later by clicking the “Scheduling” tab and choosing when you want the tweet to go out:


Here’s the finished product of my example above:

Creating New Tweets from a Website Card

Again, now that the card exists, you can always go back and create more tweets with different copy.

To create new tweets later, again access Twitter ads and then click on the “Creatives” tab and the “Cards” link in the drop down menu:

This brings up a page of all your Twitter cards you’ve created. Hover over any card and click the tweet icon to bring up the card again and create a new tweet:


Now, enter your new copy and tweet it out or schedule it for later.

Wrapping Up

So, if you were wondering how to create a tweet with a clickable image, now you know. It may seem like a lot of steps but this can be done quickly. And, again, once you’ve set up a card, creating new tweets with different copy is super easy.

What do you think? Will you start creating Twitter cards? Any ideas on how to get creative with cards to drive more traffic back to your website? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!






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