Video Ads Genius 2.0 Review - Honest review, huge discount and Special bonuses

Video Ads Genius Review – Why Should You Buy It?

This is the Video Ads Genius 2.0 review! If you are looking for a system which can help you create the ads in your video within minutes, the hot product of today is ideal for you.

As you know,  Youtube video ad is the best way to make as many commissions as possible if you are an affiliate marketer. With the low commission rates, you have to use many methods to engage your visitors and convert them into your clients. And as I said, Youtube video ad is the awesome solution for you because it can:

·         Drive cheap targeted traffic to any website which you’d like

·         Grow or “kickstart” your Youtube channel for dirt cheap and get lots of views, likes, and even shares

·         Promote your affiliate products and build your list

However, if you are a beginner, it is tough to drive dirt-cheap traffic anywhere you want, build your list, sell the products that you own or as an affiliate.

And if you see that these are important with your business, you should read this Video Ads Genius review!

It is Video Ads Genius course. You want to know what it is, right?

Okay, Let me tell you everything about it:

What is Video Ads Genius?

Video Ads Genius is a Step-by-Step in-depth 4 hours and video course teaching exactly how Howard Lynch creates Youtube ads which have been his main source of income since late 2014.

Inside Video Ads Genius course, you will get dozens of the useful tools so you can quickly create:

·         Amazing ads which turn them into $$$$

·         Campaigns which bring to you the penny traffic in

·         Great-looking video ads that your viewers can not ignore

·         A business that keeps on giving and which can succeed in any existing niche

·         A high Youtube channel which grows on autopilot

·         An audience who will keep coming back for more and more, and convert

·         An online presence as the ultimate “authority.”

·         An income stream that is fun and addictive



Youtube Ads Genius is the blueprint behind this new marketing method. We will take your customer by the hand through our 4 HOURS+ of 1080p video content and give them all the tools they need to have this kind of success.The course includes a case study, an inside look into one of our most profitable campaign (shopify affiliate), and the exact tools (free!) that we use to craft our great, high-converting ads.

What include in Video Ads Genius?

Video Ads Genius course has four parts namely Youtube Ads Genius, Video Ads Engineer, Youtube Ads Bootcamp and Youtube Review Lifestyle.

Youtube Ads Genius is the blueprint behind this new marketing method. You will learn a 4-hour course with 1080p video content and get all the tools you need to have this kind of success.The course includes a case study, an inside look into one of the most profitable campaigns like Shopify affiliate, and the specific tools that Howard uses to craft his great and high-converting ads.

Youtube Ads Genius: It is the complete course, explaining what Youtube ads are, their uses, targeting options, making compliant landing pages, running and optimizing campaigns.

Video Ads Engineer: Inside this, You will be explained the exact script for successful in-stream ads to the second. Also, how you can create the high-quality video ads using only free tools with ease. Also included is a complete case study of how Howard used to sell these videos as a service for over one hundred dollars on the WarriorForum, with the instructions. Furthermore, covered in the great details like how to publish the short video courses on the multiple platforms and create an additional income stream.

Youtube Ads Bootcamp: This four-week Bootcamp will dive deep into the world of Youtube ads and show how Howard sets up his profitable campaigns. And he answers all your questions inside this session.

Youtube Review Lifestyle: This is a complete gameplan and life-changing upgrade. You can know a perfect business model based on reviewing products are promoting through in-display ads. Howard gives live examples of ads he ran and gave you all his unique tools you need to start making some serious income.

Besides, you can join a premium training which is a year-long training module with regular hangouts and calls, providing enormous value to your list.

What Will You Get When Buying Video Ads Genius?

Clear step-by-step instructions

All the secrets are revealed in Video Ads Genius course which has been proven, and you will know Howard’s unique ways which helped him succeed. This is a headache-free course.

The most targeted traffic  ever

Using all the knowledge which you learn in Video Ads Genius, you can get tons of traffic to your website and turn your visitors into the customers.

How to scale your campaigns

With over four billion views on Youtube in many different niches every day, you can quickly scale profitable campaigns to hundreds of dollars a day or more.

Optimization Blueprint

You will know how to optimize your ads entirely, to make sure your money which you spend to invest is worth your time and effort. Moreover, you can know the reasons why you should never settle for less than a 500% ROI.


I am very interested in Youtube marketing because I feel this course is ideal for who use Youtube videos to get traffic to their site. Inside this, there are a lot of new marketing methods which you can not find them anywhere on the internet.

Try Video Ads Genius today and leave me a comment below if you have any question about this course!

Thank you for taking your golden time to read my Video Ads Genius review and see you!


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