Explaindio ONE Review: How to make VideoBuilder videos even awesomer

A bundle of video-related items have propelled as of late, including Easy Sketch Pro 2 and VideoMakerFX. Presently Explaindio Video Creator is propelling on 11 November, and it would appear that it may contain every one of the components of the other two video makers consolidated. I've tried it out, and in this Explaindio ONE review I'll cover every one of its components, and how it looks at to Easy Sketch Pro 2 and VideoMakerFX.

What Is Explaindio?

It has an irregular name, yet it's a quite cool video maker programming for both Mac and PC, conveyed to us by Nick LaPolla, Todd Gross, and Andrew Darius. Todd Gross has been behind the absolute most effective dispatches in the video showcasing industry this year, and Nick LaPolla is the maker of Simple Video Pro 2, which I reviewed already on this blog.

With this product, you can make an expert looking video in minutes finish with HD video foundations, dynamic content, toon activitys, whiteboard representations, and the sky is the limit from there. You can make recordings utilizing only one of these styles or a blend of them.

The one time cost of $47 is just substantial until March 6 – then the entryways will close, and when they re-open in April it will have a yearly charge. Note that this cost incorporates a business permit, not at all like Eezygram Review which will charge you an additional $69 for it after your underlying buy!

The product will likewise have a "make a character" set with the goal that you can make your own characters precisely how you need them, and additionally a commercial center where you can purchase slides and svg's (vectors, for instance outlines or toon characters) made by other individuals.

You can likewise import slides from other video creation programming – this in addition to the slides that accompany the product and every one of the slides that'll be accessible in the commercial center implies that Explaindio ONE has the most extensive determination of slides and designs of all the video creators.

What Is Included?

Explaindio ONE Video Creator accompanies a library of 26 slide packs, which each contain numerous energized slides. There are slides accessible in different distinctive styles – basic, exquisite ones that can be utilized for any specialty, slides with toon characters in various vocations, dynamic typography slides, and so on.

There are likewise 10 suggestion to take action activitys you can add to your slides, and additionally 5 different livelinesss like rain or snow.


The whiteboard video area additionally has a library of 29 picture packs, stuffed with an extensive variety of pictures to incorporate into your draw recordings. There are a wide range of pictures for advertising like bolts, callouts, standards, charts, online networking symbols and so on alongside numerous different sorts of pictures like individuals, creatures, office things, school supplies, vehicles, and different articles.

You can likewise pick between 31 unique hands to draw your portray recordings, and 55 hands to drag pictures or content onto the screen. You can pick an alternate hand for each picture, and the hands can be flipped and tilted with the goal that the drawing point never looks clumsy.

A few hands are imagined from the base with the goal that you can have them draw from behind the pictures, as though they're drawing on the watcher's screen. Every one of the hands are high caliber – no fluffy edges like some I found in the Easy Sketch Pro recordings.

There are likewise 15 sound tracks incorporated that you can use as ambient melodies for your recordings, however they were all fundamentally the same as and a bit excessively sensational for any recordings I'd make (think "O Fortuna"). I'll be including a group of music tracks as a reward for my perusers – read the reward segment toward the finish of this review for more information.

Explaindio versus VideoMakerFX versus Easy Sketch Pro 2

Before I look at these 3 bits of programming, I simply need to be 100% honest with you all: I purchased VideoMakerFX, yet I haven't purchased Easy Sketch Pro (see why underneath). The examinations I make in this review with ESP2 depend on the exploration I did when attempting to choose which video creation programming to purchase for myself, and after that again when I was endeavoring to choose on the off chance that I should purchase Easy Sketch Pro 2 when it was discharged.

So the reason I purchased VideoMakerFX rather than ESP despite the fact that ESP was certainly the better whiteboard video creator, is basically that I would not like to be constrained to just whiteboard recordings, and VideoMakerFX could make draw recordings and additionally different recordings.

I later understood that VideoMakerFX is not by any means equipped for making whiteboard recordings by any means – the best way to do it is by utilizing a slide pack that contains just 6 unique slides.

The initial 3 are slides of various terms (10 seconds, 8 seconds, and 6 seconds) where you can embed some content and a hand will compose it for you – aside from not by any stretch of the imagination, in light of the fact that the hand just moves jerkily over the canvas in a crisscross movement without really following the content.

The last 3 slides are fly-in slides – a hand will slide content or a picture of your decision onto the screen, either with a fringe or without one. That is whatever you can do – you can't put numerous pictures or content onto the slides or position them how you need them, and you can't make the hand portray a picture.

VideoMakerFX additionally experiences different glitches that can make it hard to make a video and can truly foul up the last rendering. The engineers know about the issues yet still can't seem to discharge a refresh to settle them. I've been trying Explaindio ONE for a couple of days now, thus far I haven't seen any bugs or glitches.

Explaindio ONE can make a similar assortment of recordings that VMFX can, alongside whiteboard recordings keeping pace with ESP2. In the wake of viewing the ESP2 promo recordings, it looks to me like the main element ESP2 has that Explaindio doesn't is the portray to-video include. This looks a bit hit-or-miss (look at the pelican video – it doesn't generally draw the right parts of the video) so I don't think I'd utilize it much in any case.

In case I'm wrong and ESP2 has some other select elements, please let me know in the remarks and I'll adjust this review.

What I Think About Explaindio – Pros and Cons

In spite of the fact that it isn't flawless, I think Explaindio ONE is an awesome bit of programming with an extremely reasonable cost – it has a similar usefulness of VMFX and ESP2 set up together, alongside additional selective components.

For instance, I adore the expanded control includes that Explaindio ONE has contrasted with VideoMakerFX. You can add a deferral to the slides at the principle point of convergence so individuals have enough time to peruse or see the slide legitimately, and toward the end.

You can likewise include a deferral earlier or after every component is outlined or included the whiteboard slides, and you can set the length of each draw with the goal that it's not very quick or too moderate.

Another incredible customization include for the enlivened slide layouts is the capacity to change the shading, size, and position of each question in the slides. This is an element I required when I was utilizing VMFX.

In the event that lone it was likewise conceivable to change the position of the content squares, it would mean we could totally tweak the layouts to look precisely like we require them to. I trust they include that element soon!

I would likewise like them to add the capacity to have a video foundation traverse different slides – it can do as such for the whiteboard slides so perhaps I'm quite recently missing something self-evident, yet in the event that so I can't make sense of it.

One thing I don't care for about the whiteboard recordings is that frequently with content, rather than composing the letters in a strong line like someone would, in actuality, the hand will portray the layout of the content first and after that it will mystically be filled in. I've witnessed a similar thing in Easy Sketch Pro 2 recordings however.

I adore that Explaindio ONE can import slides from other video producers – this implies my VMFX slide buys won't go to squander. I imported my slides from VMFX and it worked flawlessly – in truth I could even move and resize the components like in Explaindio ONE's own particular slides, which is amazing!

I'm likewise truly amped up for the character maker and the commercial center – it'll open up the ways to a great deal of innovativeness and customization, so there'll be significantly less danger of our recordings looking the same as someone else's in our specialty.

My Explaindio Bonus

As mentioned before in this review, Explaindio ONE's sound determination is very frail, so I've assembled an enormous measure of shifted music and sound tracks for you to use in your recordings, alongside a cluster of pictures you can use in your portray recordings.

The product has 2 upsells – a Mega Themes and SVG's pack for $37 and a participation to get new slides and SVG's every month for $17. I've included some incredible extra rewards for the individuals who put resources into the upsells also – see the rundown beneath for more subtle elements.

Rewards for Explaindio programming:

•           200 pictures to use in your slides and outlines

•           140 sound tracks

Rewards for Mega Themes and SVG's Pack:

•           30 shifted, astounding toon characters

•           25 more sound tracks

Rewards for Slides and SVG's Monthly Membership:

•           20 sound circles (no break in sound when circled)

•           21 Christmas music tracks (ideal for the Christmas season)


These rewards are accessible to anyone who purchases Explaindio ONE through my associate connection – once you've finished the buy, the rewards will naturally be accessible for download on your JVZoo buy page.