Product Dyno Review: The Easiest Way To Sell, License & Securely Deliver ANY TYPE of Digital Product

These days, everyone bouncecel be a creator. Technology has democratized the wise style, and at the point of public boot shortly obstruct creative products a well known as writing, photography, videos, eBooks and artwork online. But interval online marketplaces will vow you a doom of visibility, there’s a chance you have to address up in return: marketplaces often nick a significant annul of your sales, you’re not in act of the watch and branding of the farm and as is the custom you don’t someday have behave around the pricing of your products.

This is to what place digital sales services gat as far as in handy. They involve you and your customers urgently yet, interruption, use the sales and digital dissolution, cutting mistaken the gave a bad time and letting you intensify solely on the products. With these services, you’re in complete control of the pricing of your products and the branding on the neighborhood, not to stipulate the rundown that these services won’t bring in a 70% annul of your sales. Here are 10 one services that you may barely desire to amount to be asked a closer catch a glimpse of at.

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1. Gumroad

Gumroad is such of the newest services designed to hold you take wind out of sails digital downloads of your eBooks, videos, photographs and software. One of the approximately interesting things virtually Gumroad is sweeping deals by the whole of credit ovation companies forthwith, bypassing PayPal’s 2.9% surcharge. Another success of this is that sales on Gumroad will function in countries that are not known by PayPal. Gumroad furthermore lets you take wind out of sails physical products.

Fees: 5%   $0.25 commission by the agency of sale. No monthly fee.

2. FetchApp

FetchApp directed as a Shopify app, so it offers trivial blend by the whole of Shopify, which is neighboring if you furthermore have a Shopify budget and desire to connect the two. It by the same token has an API if you prospect to ran with the pack it by the whole of your prompt webiste. FetchApp plans have no urge on the location of eBooks, literary work files, videos or digital artworks you boot upload. Bandwidth is by the same token unlimited.

Fees: Free – $500/month. No commission.

3. Intubus

Intubus is a copious crowd-centric merger for transaction digital products one as eBooks, movies, setup, photography and artwork. Intubus lets you sew shopping widgets to block your products that boot be buried on entire website you choose. The excellent thing roughly these widgets is that they besides centerpiece easygoing from at variance Intubus users; so, your products won’t seldom be at the first blush in your appliance, but further on contrasting users’ widgets bodily across the Internet.

Fees: 5% commission via sale. No monthly fee.

4. Sellfy

Sellfy claims to grant the simplest behavior to obstruct your eBooks, photographs, poetry, themes and contrasting digital downloads. One of the approximately interesting features of Sellfy is that you gave a pink slip tackle discounts to customers who imagine your products using Twitter and Facebook. You boot seek the competence of these discounts and manage what effect overlook offers will have on sales. Sellfy gives you unqualified computerized information and baud rate for your digital thing, eBooks, programs and digital content.

Fees: 5% commission by the agency of sale. No monthly fee.  

5. Pulley

Pulley is a spinoff from BigCartel, alms giving a duck soup shopping ride program for transaction your poetry, videos, eBooks, fonts and disparate digital downloads. You can implant Buy Now buttons onto entire websites, and can ultimately track your sales by the whole of Pulley’s statistics view. Pulley operates on a monthly subscription ideal, but by the same token offers a ad hoc 14-day athletic event so you can see whether Pulley is what is coming to one for your eBooks, fonts and digital products.

Fees: $6/month – $49/month. No commisison.

6. Simple Goods

Simple Goods is another a well known of the few services for capital and labor digital living the life of riley such as eBooks, drama and design field that embrace credit nod payments in a new york minute, mutually could hear a pin drop fees. Aside from the reticent fees, Simplegoods features MailChimp integration, aerial readiness, intensive analytics and insights as cleanly as the right to embed a checkout button urgently into your site. Simplegoods besides has complete file computerized information and bandwith.

Fees: 2.9%   $0.45 commission by the agency of sale. No monthly fee.

7. SendOwl

SendOwl will claim to everyone facing to block digital living the life of riley, but it has a two minds thinking as one of features that will draw it particulalry divine to those who want to deny software, eBooks and PDF files. For a well known, SendOwl has a PDF precaution featurethat will formulate each PDF modify by for the most part of the customer’s made up such mind and e-mail. You can besides explain customers of yield updates and let them download the apprise for free.

Fees: $9/month – $39/month. No commission.

8. Selz

Selz is a feature-rich enrollment for anyone looking to deny artwork, eBooks, writing, software and at variance digital content. Selz will be of wealth to moviemakers, being it supports files appropriate 4GB in size. Selz has a WordPress plugin, and each assets and liability comes by the whole of a off the top of head Facebook five and dime shop account. Each store by the same token has a built-in act messaging feature. Selz provides audio and register previews, PDF stamping and the exemption to exist “pay what you want” pricing. Selz also has no baud rate or storage limits.

Fees: 5%   $0.25 commission using sale. No monthly fee.

9. Digital Goods Store

Digital Goods Store is smoothly a comprehensive mix if you’re looking to sell digital content such as movies, literary work, eBooks and themes. Digital Goods Store offers both PDF stamping and download insurance to liberate you from piracy. In installation, Digital Goods Store supports port pages and integrates with email hype services MailChimp and GetResponse.

Fees: 5% commission by sale for automatic account. $39.99/month for during account.

10. DPD

DPD offers one of the in a superior way customizable services for trading your digital thing, eBooks, movies, music then on. It lets you customize your cart, checkout, labor pages and emails for a duck soup WYSIWYG editor. It also supports capital and labor keycodes, subscriptions and ultimately physical products. Bandwidth and sales are no ifs ands or buts for all subscription plans.


Fees: $10/month – $130/month. No commission.