Push Button Traffic Review: The 1-Click Traffic Solution

Would you like free traffic to your internet site? Any kind of other options besides Yahoo that may bring visitors to an internet site? The answer is yes and these 9 methods (the 10th method is Yahoo) describe what you ought to do to obtain additional traffic without complete reliance on Yahoo search traffic.

1. Optimize your site for Google

Let's focus on Google such that it gets out in our way. I am certain that you all concur that the best and hardest way to get free traffic is by optimizing your site for Google.

Google supports more than 70% of internet search engine market talk about and a location in another of the very best positions of Yahoo search, is a superb way to obtain free traffic.

The catch is that your competition is huge and that means you have to have a great internet site both in conditions of content and SEO if you wish to have a area of the pie.

You skill? SEO Audit your internet site to ensure that it's well optimized for Yahoo and release good quality content frequently.

Ok, given that Google has gone out of the picture, let's see Push Button Traffic Review that other options you can get free traffic.

2. Remember about Yahoo and Bing

Yahoo and Bing may well not have the marketplace share of Yahoo, but a high position in either Bing or Yahoo may bring in a great number of visitors.

I have sites that list on the first positions for popular keywords on both Yahoo and Bing and even though the traffic I get from Bing is  1/4  of what I get from Yahoo, it continues to be a good way to obtain free traffic.

You skill? The first action you will need to have is enroll with Bing Webmaster tools and post your website. The procedure is comparable to Yahoo webmaster tools; if you aren't sure how to proceed you can read this training.

Second, you should be lively in Facebook and Tweets. Bing and Yahoo consider (in their rank algorithm) the amount of Facebook desires and Tweets therefore the more favors and tweets your Local Client Ninja Review have, the higher are the likelihood of rating higher in Bing and Yahoo.

3. Add your site to the Stainless web store

The chrome online store is an excellent way to obtain free traffic yet many webmasters aren't taking good thing about it. It's very easy to include your internet site to the Chromium Store and the traffic you can get is free and ongoing. If you're not familiar of the stainless- online store read my past post which also contains a research study on traffic increases.

You skill? Simply spend ten minutes of your energy, follow the instructions in this tutorial and sign-up your website with the Stainless online store. It's easy and the results conditions of guests are immediate.

4. Generate a mobile version of your internet site

Increasingly more users are looking the web employing their cell phones. The amounts of mobile queries are increasing drastically and you simply can't disregard them.

Recent studies also show that 28% of mobile queries are converting in a hour so that it is vital to give a mobile optimized version as well. http://bit.ly/2tQtab4  

You skill? Mobilise your internet site!  Developing a mobile version is not so difficult. You could either use a plugin (if you are on WordPress) or choose a reactive design.

Also, remember about Accelerated Mobile Webpages, which is the new hot craze browsing marketing. Read my earlier article how to make your website amp friendly.

5. Create an Google android native software and submit it to the Yahoo Play Store

Have you any idea that we now have more than 15 million new android users each day? What does this implies in conditions of traffic?

You are able to create an android software and submit it to the Yahoo Play store, users will download your software plus some will visit your website.  I am a major fan of the way for getting free traffic and it works perfectly.

Read my prior post mobile internet site vs native software for a few real circumstance studies.

You skill? Hire a creator or find something (like appyet.com) to generate an android software for your website and post it to the Yahoo Play store.


Owning a WordPress website? Then download this how to steer and understand how to enhance your website such as a Pro.

6. Create an android iphone app and release to the Amazon . com store

Amazon . com had great success with Kindle plus they made a decision to create their own application store (Amazon appstore). The idea is equivalent to explained above with posting a credit card applicatoin on Yahoo Play store.

You create a free of charge application and distribute on the Amazon . com store. People down load the application and a few of these users will visit your site to obtain additional information.

You skill? When you have already created your google android app, you can submit on Amazon . com appstore as well.

7. Visitor post on high traffic sites

Many people assume that guest posting is approximately getting links but this must not be the case. The primary reason of why you need to guest post to some other website is the traffic benefits rather than getting a website link pointing to your internet site.

A visitor post on a reliable website may ranking high as well which will create a reliable stream of free traffic to your internet site.